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Blair Bardot

Posted : Thursday, April 22, 2021 04:49 AM

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Renowned Companion - Verified - soon closing books to new clients. Let me introduce myself. I am Blair – Bee for short. A stay in Europe was my first introduction to the lifestyle of call girls, and I knew at once it was a world I wanted to be a part of. It captures so much about how I like to express myself; passion, intimacy, freedom, a chance to learn and explore new people and let them explore me in kind. But you already know how much this world suits me – let me tell you a little about myself, shall I? I am a mixture of Spanish and Irish, with deep brown hair and pale blue eyes, a classical European beauty with a unique twist. I have a generously curvaceous body and, if I do say so myself, a show-stopping derrière that I love nothing more than to show off in gorgeous fitted dresses (oh, and of course, that’s not to mention the decadent lingerie I hide underneath). I like to think of myself as something of a Spanish rose – soft and delicate on the outside, alluring and graceful, but my Irish blood imbues me with a fiery streak that only the truly special people in my life get to see. I’d love to share an intimate dinner for two with you – maybe we could indulge in an oyster platter, my very favourite dish? Or, if you feel like something a little more adventurous, sweep me off as your companion on a cross-country trip. I make a perfect companion for any occasion; I love talking and the chance to unravel your deepest desires in the process. I take great pleasure in my job – not just the freedom it gives me in my health studies, but the opportunities it presents to forge meaningful connections with new people, too. I adore meeting new people, and I want nothing more than to take the time to get to know you on a personal level; our connection will blossom organically as you gift me with an insight into your life, your passions, and your fantasies. Nerves can be natural on meeting someone new for the first time, but I know just how to make you comfortable and have you forget all your worries as we get swept up in fascinating conversation that can go on for hours. When it comes to the people I meet, aesthetics matter little to me – I want to know what lies beneath, the most attractive qualities the ones that I find beneath the exterior. Show me what inspires you, what excites you, what thrills you, and I know we’ll find a connection that runs deep and grows from a genuine place for both of us. For a more intimate and in-depth look into my life, take a look at my OnlyFans account, the link to which you can find in the comments below. So, tell me – where would you like to begin with your Spanish rose?

• Mobile : 0402 964 162

• Location : Burnie-Devonport

• Post ID: 56cQ_XgBy65jwF3tHOEA